We Are Imagine Life Ministries


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Formed in 2016, all of our services are free. They include pregnancy testing, state-of-the-art limited ultrasound, STI/STD testing, and confidential options counseling with community referrals as needed.

Our Services
  • On-site Pregnancy Testing
  • State-of-the-Art Limited Ultrasound
  • Confidential Options Counseling
  • STI/STD Testing
Other Resources
  • Material Assistance
  • Healthy Pregnancy Classes
  • Healthy Parenting Classes
  • Healthy Family Classes
  • Healthy Fatherhood Classes

At least 4 out of 5 women who enter a mobile pregnancy unit (a stork bus), choose life.

84% of women who have had an abortion report that they believed abortion was their only option.

Mobile Pregnancy Unit

Going mobile is an proven method to reach women contemplating abortion, as many of them have never heard of pregnancy centers or the resources offered there. Our Mobile Pregnancy Unit allows pregnancy resources to reach women with love, compassion, and hope in their moment of need. Being mobile allows us to operate anywhere abortion-vulnerable women are likely to be – outside of abortion clinics, on university campuses, in rural areas, and at public events.

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